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From our feature on the White Wren:
Perhaps I’ll be the first to say it, but perfection is overrated. Or, rather, “perfection” is not quite what you think it is: it has nothing to do with flawless planning or the absence of disruption. Instead, it has everything to do with an unshakable delight which sees past life’s innate failings to the heart and beauty of it all. Suddenly, all you need of a wedding day is you and them and the kind of bliss that takes the inevitable flaws and counts them all joy!
To that end, meet Tyler & Tracey…
A word from photographer Kenzie Victory:
“This gorgeous couple was surrounded by so many people that loved them on their wedding day. Married in the hills of Woodside California, their organic inspired wedding was simple and sweet and let the love felt that day speak for itself.” 
Love notes from the couple, Tyler & Tracy:
Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!
Tracy: “Right as the wedding ceremony had finished, we were walking out of the temple where we were married to greet friends and family and I felt a tug on my dress. We didn’t think too much about it as we were distracted by all the excitement that awaited us. Shortly thereafter, we noticed a sizable rip in the chiffon of my dress! Being surrounded by several aunts who are skilled seamstresses, we concluded that the damage couldn’t be repaired as the chiffon was too delicate and due to the location of the tear, it would only be further emphasized if we tried to stitch it up. Luckily, Grandma came to the rescue with some clear nail polish. We gently blotted the edges of the tear to prevent further fraying and went about having the best day ever!” 
Describe a hurdle you had to overcome during your wedding planning.
Tyler: “Tracy was dead set on having an outdoor wedding but due to various family members schedules, the only date we could get married was April 29th. Notably, this winter happened to be the wettest in recent Northern California history, and we had copious rainfall clear into the spring. It rained the week of our wedding as well as three straight weeks after our wedding! We had (much less desirable) alternate plans in the event of rain and Tracy had to accept that reality. Lucky for us, we were blessed with the most amazing, clear, sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70’s. It even stayed warm well into the night!”
Any special ways you incorporated your family into your wedding day?
Tracy: “Tyler’s paternal grandparents were in poor health and unfortunately were unable to travel to our wedding. In an attempt to make them feel included, we briefly snuck away and FaceTimed with them and showed them around the party. They were thrilled to be with us for a few moments. We lost both grandparents later that summer but are so glad we were able to share that sweet memory with them.”
What part of your wedding day was most important to you?
“Actually marrying each other should be THE most important part of any wedding and ours was no exception. Everything else is just details. Someday you will forget the little things you spent hours and hours planning but at the end of the day, month, year, decade etc. the one thing that last is your commitment to one another.”
If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?
Tyler: “One week before our wedding, Tracy’s aunt gave us valuable advice. She told us ‘C’est la vie la vie’ (which is French for ‘that’s life’ or ‘such is life’). She said that the moment you walk into your rehearsal dinner, it is ‘show time’. Whatever is done is done and whatever will happen will happen. Give up control and be present in the moment. Some things WILL go wrong and you just have to accept that and determine that nothing will stop you from having the best day of your life.”