I have traveled to Italy several times, but this was my first trip to Lake Como. I have always heard about how magnificent Lake Como was but my goodness, words do not even describe how incredible it truly is. The Lake is much larger than I expected and between the brilliant blue water and the mountain backdrop I was constantly left with my jaw dropping. With that being said, there is no better location for a Lake Como wedding shoot than at Villa Melzi. This Villa lies in the village of Bellagio which is easily the most visited town but Villa Melzi is a hidden treasure that not many tourists visit. We boarded a Classic Como boat for our first half of the shoot and head across the beautiful waters to Villa Melzi which made for the most stunning images. The sun was just peaking over the mountains and glistening across the water. As we made our way to Villa Melzi, the dreamy blue and white Italian Villa came into view and again, Lake Como could not have been any better. The Tara Lauren gown and tasteful crown were the perfect touch for our Lake Como wedding editorial . As a destination wedding photographer, I have the unique opportunity to photograph in some of the most beautiful places, but Villa Melzi was by far one of the most amazing!


VENUE | Villa Melzi d'Eril
PLANNING | Cope & Co.
TUX | The Black Tux
BOAT | Classic Como Boats